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. A visit to Family Parrot Bird is an educational experience, as we take the time and effort to enlighten all our visitors about parrot care, parrot ownership, and parrot species. We place considerable emphasis on matching the right parrot species for you by understanding your expectations and living environment. takes pride in producing baby parrots that are well socialized and loved. The time and effort we invest in all baby parrots in our nursery ensures that you will have a beautiful pet that you can love and interact with for many years to come.

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Since you want a bird as pet, which is healthy and smart, there will be many questions that you seek to get answered. At covenant parrot place, we are bringing to our patrons, wide variety of talking parrots for sale, so that you can choose the particular ones, which you want as pet. In order to purchase the talking parrots for sale, you need to be somewhat careful by asking questions from our representatives and giving a visit to our stores if possible. Visiting our stores will give you the best idea about the conditions in which the parrots are bred and hygienic environment in which they stay before being shipped off to the buyers. 

 Simple process of purchase with assurance of quality. Our process of sales of the talking parrots is quite simple. With payments, the particular birds will be shipped to you within a week’s time. As a buyer of the talking parrots for sale, you should be aware of the breeders, by checking out the forums, bird experts and the sites of covenant parrot place. This can be sufficient to know if the breed of the birds being provided are proper or not and also assures that birds purchased from trusted breeders will be healthy and agile.



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